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There is much more out there in the pepper world, but this is a pretty great visual of just some of the diversity out there.

Remember, if you are growing peppers and saving seeds, you need to take care to avoid hybridisation. Learn about hybridising peppers here.

tepuitrouble has some seeds from a Venezuelan chili pepper (aji dulces) Customs didn’t even care about his huge stash of seeds. They’re not spicy at all and are used in everything.

Time to harvest? Time to harvest?

Time to harvest?


88 on Flickr.


spider chrysanthemum

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The  worst types of gardening people:

  • The ones who second, third and quadruple check your labels on plants. Even though you and 99.999999% of everyone else is sure what that plant is. You know, because that person is WRONG.
  • The ones who tell you either grow or not to grow something because of wherever they live and zones be damned! 


Grape Hyacinth (by Dendroica cerulea)

I’ve still never grown hyacinth. Can they even be grown in my zone? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one around here.




Picking vegetables at the Eden Project - St Blazey, Cornwall, England by franieK

Now THIS is what a polyculture garden looks like! Look at how healthy everything is!

  • The onions interplanted sporadically keep away a number of pests
  • Nothing is concentrated enough to attract a plague of specialised agricultural pests
  • The loss of one crop to disease or pests is not catastrophic (so the system is resilient)
  • There is always something blooming for the bees

Say no to monoculture!

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man, what if this is what all farms looked like?


Just like everyone else, I sometimes have moments of loathing for insects. It’s amazing the bugs that will practically walk through your walls if you live in an over 100-year-old farmhouse like I do. Box elder beetles, Asian lady beetles, house spiders and cluster flies – these are some of the…